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Empower your CEOs, Sr. Executives, Executives, and Executive Teams to fulfill their highest potential, transform their mindset and, create sustainable behavior change with executive coaching.

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We offer a number of Executive Coaching solutions to meet your organizational needs

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We will work with your organization to maximize your executive team's leadership success. Using our proven system we will take you on a deep dive into self-leadership, resulting in increased self-awareness, ownership, and more intentional leadership that will provide a lasting transformation in your leaders' and team's interactions and results.

Our executive coaching process focuses on both the leader's mindset and systemic change, which drives high performance, measurable results, and sustainable behavioral change — with important benefits not only for yourself but also for your team and the entire organization.


Our executive coaching will boost your leadership capacity, accelerating a higher level of performance — for you, your team, and your organization.


Cultivating greater emotional intelligence, developing resilience, and enhancing your interpersonal skills will help you to uplevel your leadership resulting in greater influence and impact — which will keep stress and overwhelm at bay.

We Grow Leaders, Inspire Teams & Build Stronger Companies— by taking a one to many approach.


Strong leadership is crucial to your company’s bottom-line success, impacting employee retention, engagement, and productivity.


Profound change can be catalyzed through high impact executive coaching. Over the past 2+ decades, we’ve successfully coached C-level executives, senior managers, and high potentials (ambitous emerging leaders) from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you, your team, and your organization to reach your greatest goals.

Client Results

Leadership development designed to make a difference.













Case Studies

Client stories and testimonials from our past clients and those in fast-paced executive
leadership roles

Lead Your Shift Women's Coaching Program

A tech company recently partnered on a signature offering with Dr. Sanchez to offer executive coaching as a high-impact program. In a female-focused enrichment program, dubbed “Lead Your Shift,” each woman was matched with an executive coach, whom she worked with 1-1 for 30 days, meeting weekly virtually. The program included a confidential feedback report based on individual coaching exercises designed to enhance leaders' development, a Leadership Capabilities assessment with a personalized Leadership Development Roadmap, and curated resources. Sample objectives included increasing influence upward and with peers, improving confidence, building executive presence, and maximizing team potential.

Businesswoman Leads Meeting Around Table Shot Through Door

From Just 'Likable' to Well-Respected Subject Matter Expert

A Marketing VP heads a team with key inputs to the marketing strategy, accounting, and product development programs from pre-marketing to post-marketing phases. The company had experienced significant changes over a couple of years. When Dr. Sanchez began working with the client, she felt as though she was resistant to trying new challenges, and therefore wanted to expand her leadership abilities. She aimed to lead a solid high performing team and be remembered as a leader who inspires others. Coaching program included meeting 1-1 for 4 months. As a result of this experience she became more skillful with engaging in difficult conversations and increased her ability to cultivate relationships across the organization.

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

Authoritative Task-Focused Leader Develops Relationships Based on Empathy & Trust

Client was an ambitious high performing leader. His primary superpower of strategic thinking was fueled by his intelligence and persistent temperament which emphasized the need for clarity, “need to know,” and alignment on the “why.” He was described by others as results driven, decisive, abrupt, and not afraid to disrupt the status quo. Areas of valued growth for this leader included a need to embrace and engage new ways of relating to others including improving his ability to cross-functionally collaborate and develop his team. As a result of coaching with Dr. Sanchez for 4 months, he was able to increase his emotional intelligence, improve communication, and successfully collaborate and develop talent on his team which was critical to his organization’s continued business success.

"Dr. Sanchez challenged me to dig deeper, and to ask myself the hard questions. Through coaching, she was adept at guiding me on how to be more fair, factual, empathetic, understanding and very importantly to lead as my true self."

-Bethany, Former Sr. Executive, Fortune 500 Company

"Working with Dr. Sanchez has given me the structure and critical insight in guiding my team through turbulent times in today's competitive industry."

- Margarette, Sr. Leader, Financial Services Industry

"I have been coaching with Dr. Sanchez for several years, and she has been a valuable sounding board that has helped me to expand my leadership abilities. I am so glad to be working with her!"

- Louis , Executive Director, Non-profit Organization

Executive Team Leadership Coaching

Watch our customized Executive and Leadership Coaching services inspire and motivate your entire executive team by helping them to shift their mindset and align their behaviors to increase engagement that strengthens relationships and enhances performance.

Team of managers discussing business strategies at briefing
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The Team/Group Leadership Coaching Process

Leadership Development

High impact leadership development for multiple executives, leaders, or teams.

Efficient & Flexible Learning Formats

Offered in various formats, our customized approach takes the benefits of individual executive leadership coaching to a group (offered in-person or via video conference).

Maximum Impact

Dr. Sanchez’s customized Executive and Leadership Coaching services will help your executive team to amplify their impact across the organization in a highly efficient and visible way.


Tired of the same uninspiring leadership training programs that prioritize “skills'' over engagement and connection? Soon after, results can’t be quantitatively measured and any impact made is easily forgotten? With our proven framework you’ll become more aware of your interactions, more intentional with your leadership, and more aware of the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that drive your long-term leadership interactions and goals.



Increase Engagement

Improve productivity, enhance team dynamics, increase collaboration and foster transparent communication styles.


Enhance Communication

Expand your communication and impact with peers, business partners, team members, and others in your sphere of influence who are committed to your success.


Measurable Results

Confidently celebrate your wins, take ownership and acknowledge your daily accomplishments that contribute to your professional and team successes.


Elevate Awareness

Eliminate blind spots, imposter syndrome, and other negative beliefs that hinder decision making, taking action, delegating, trusting the process, and/or creating balance so your personal life doesn’t suffer.


Boost Collaboration

Find support and learn from other leaders who are dealing with the same challenges as you.

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Words of praise from past clients


There are not enough words to describe how impactful Dr. Sanchez has been to me. Her strong leadership development coaching and consulting plans were delivered in an nurturing and respectful manner. She helped me to develop a clear direction and actionable steps that I can take to move forward in my career!

Tracy K., MPH
Business Administrator, Marketing


I worked with Dr. Sanchez on a project where I was able to see her exceptional coaching skills in action. She is truly an expert in leadership development for executive-level talent and the insights from her consulting practice were valued by the group. She has a passion for results and is dedicated to helping others on the path to achieving personal and professional goals.

Lisa L.
Executive Director

"Working with Dr. Sanchez was an amazing experience. She knows how to inspire others to deliver their best results and as an executive coach and leader, she is adept at facilitating change while preserving the integrity of relationships with key decision-makers and stakeholders. I am honored to have consulted with her."

- Susana, A., Sr. Project Manager

"In my 6 months of working with Dr. Sanchez, she surpassed all my expectations and her coaching sessions helped to greatly improve my confidence, resilience, and helped me gain opportunities to truly leverage my skills. She is a talented coach with an amazingly unique coaching model. "

- Rasul, A., Managing Director

About the Dr. Sanchez

Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D. is a Neuropsychologist, Organizational Consultant, Executive Coach, and Leadership Strategist. As a Neuropsychologist, she has specialized in dedicating over 20 years of her career to understanding how the brain impacts upon behavior and applying these psychological principles to improve business and workplace outcomes.

As a Leadership Strategist, in over 20 years of implementing her unique corporate success strategies, she has worked with executives across the globe, helping them elevate their leadership and transform their performance from the inside out. She is on a mission to reach 1 million leaders to help them lead with more influence, authenticity, and impact so that they can create thriving and engaging organizational cultures.

Dr. Sanchez has developed a reputation for creating a transformational experience for CEOs, Sr. Executives, Executives, and Women in Senior Leadership who want to uplevel their leadership, maximize performance, and strategically exceed their organizational goals.

She is "down-to-earth" and takes a systematic yet innovative approach to support her clients in achieving revolutionary results.

Top media outlets turn to Dr. Sanchez for her expert opinion and advice

Dr. Sanchez is on a mission to impact 1 million leaders, and is also a 4x international best selling author, who has taught and shared her innovative strategies with over 10,000 leaders and teams across the globe within the last year.

“I am certain that when you’re intentional in your approach to setting and achieving personal and professional goals …transformation will occur in your life and in your career."

-Dr. Sanchez


"Dr. Aimee's ability to help individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations make important and strategic shifts to improve performance and business outcomes is indisputable."

-Kevin Harrington, Entrepreneur, Author, Business Speaker

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