C-Suite Case Study

Director gets a $50k increase in just 4 weeks, promotes to VP role and, triples her salary using

"Next Level Influence" method

Life Transforming Results are Happening Inside of the Next Level Influence Program

Like many ambitious female executives out there, Melanie felt like she had hit a plateau and was at a crossroads in her career. She was already an established leader in her industry but she hadn’t truly cracked the code on how to gain next level influence so that she could advance in her career. She was stuck. Her plate was already too full, and she didn’t have the time, energy, or desire to add anything else to it. 

Melanie needed a way to increase her influence and impact without having to do more.

In my FREE case study, you’ll uncover Melanie’s story and why she utilized this exclusive roadmap to help her in her executive promotional campaign. You’ll also discover how to…

  • Uncover the often-overlooked thoughts and habits that are stunting your career growth.
  • Eliminate the waste of time and money on tactics that don't bring lasting results such as working harder, working more hours, leadership webinars, career coaching, generic trainings and trying to do this alone.
  • Confidently communicate your unique value proposition, and craft a compelling narrative that will increase your impact, transform your career, and position you strongly for next level roles and/or opportunities.
  • Uplevel in your career, life, and leadership without having to sacrifice your schedule or your relationships.
  • Identify a realistic plan for getting to the next step in your life career, and leadership.

“I made $50,000 in just 4 weeks of joining Dr. Sanchez's program.”

Melanie | VP, Marketing Strategy


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